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Most roofs in East Texas are replaced when they are between 17- 22 years old.

If your roof replacement is the result of an insurance claim due to weather related damage, you are not required to get multiple bids.  You can simply choose the roofing contractor you want to work with.  If not, we recommend getting three bids, just make sure one of them is from Premier Roofing of East Texas!

The cost of a new roof can depend on several different factors.  The size of the roof, roof pitch, and type of materials chosen will determine the cost.

This depends on the size and pitch of your roof.  The majority of roofs we replace in East Texas take between 1 and 3 days.  The time of year can also affect the timeframe.

Absolutely!  Our experienced crews know how to navigate the challenging weather.  We will ensure that your home remains dry and cozy!  The fairly mild winter months allow us to replace roofs all year long.

Yes. We have over 20 years of experience working with insurance companies.  We can handle some or all of it for you and guide you through each step.  We make this process really easy for you.

Although replacing your roof can get a bit messy at times, we will be there to clean up every bit of the roofing debris and trash.  We greatly respect your property and place high importance on making sure your property is clean and the way we found it before we began.

If your roof has shingles missing, the fiberglass mat is showing, your shingles have little to no granules left, the shingles are curling at the edges, they are extremely worn and brittle, or you have been impacted by a recent storm event, it may be time to replace your roof.

We can come out and make temporary repairs to try and stop the leak.  We always move up leaky roofs on the schedule and they are top priority.  We want to replace your roof as soon as possible to protect the interior of your home.

Due to our high demand, we typically have a lead time of 2-4 weeks.   If you have a different roofing company that says they can start tomorrow, there is probably a reason they are not very busy.

Yes.  At one time, there were some shady roofing companies offering to “help” a customer with their insurance deductible.  This practice is a criminal offense in the State of Texas.  Under a new law that went into effect September 1, 2019, violators could get up to a $2000 fine and up to six months in jail.  Make no mistake, roofers offering to absorb your deductible are committing insurance fraud and cutting corners as well as using lower quality materials to make up the difference. 

We do not collect any money from you before the work begins.  We make arrangements to collect your payment(s) after the job is complete and you are satisfied with the work.  Any roofing company asking you to pay them a portion or all of the money up front should raise an immediate red flag.

No, we also install metal roofs as well as some low slope roofing materials for the relatively flat areas on your home or patio.

The vast majority of shingles we install are laminated or architectural shingles that carry a 30 year manufacturer warranty.  These shingles are affordable, heavy, have excellent wind resistance, and come in many different colors.  The entry level shingle are called 3 tab shingles.  These shingles are flat, lighter, and more susceptible to wind and hail damage.  We do not recommend using 3 tab shingles on your home or business.  There are also luxury shingles that carry limited lifetime warranties with different aesthetic designs to give your home a unique look.

No, not unless you want to.  It will be loud while the new shingles are being installed and you will hear our workers walking around your roof, but you can certainly stay in your home during the entire process.  In most cases, we will need access to your driveway for the duration of the roof replacement.  If you need to leave, we ask that you park your vehicle away from the home so you can come and go as you please. 

Having your roof properly ventilated is vitally important to the longevity of your roof and your home’s energy efficiency.  There are two parts to roof ventilation.  Intake which is usually in the form of soffit vents or gable vents and exhaust vents.  We recommend using either ridge vent or turbine vents as your exhaust ventilation to help pull as much heat out of your attic as possible.  We do not recommend power attic vents as the motors do not last long and in many instances the homeowner has no idea they are not working.  It is also important that your attic has adequate insulation to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

When you replace your roof, it is also a great time to consider replacing your gutters and downspouts.  We can coordinate your gutters to be replaced as soon as your roofing project is complete.  If you do not want to replace them, we will take measures to ensure they are protected during the roof replacement process.

Absolutely.  We carry a comprehensive General Liability Policy that covers you, your home, and our workers.  A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

The State of Texas does not have a licensing requirement/program for roofing contractors.  We at Premier Roofing of East Texas do not agree with this as anyone with a truck and some tools could call themselves a roofer.  We are in full support of any future legislative bills being introduced that would require the licensing of roofing contractors in the State of Texas.  We believe this requirement would help protect the consumer against shady companies looking to scam people and perform shoddy work.

Yes!  Our standard warranty is 5 years for workmanship and labor on our complete roof installations.  This is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty on roofing products.

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